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The word that most springs to mind when I think of TinTin (which is often) is INSPIRATIONAL. TinTin shares her wealth of knowledge and life experiences by giving her best. When TinTin is working on a project she brings a great depth of experience and robust analysis to it.

She is an executive who can get her hands dirty and provide real assistance to a team. There are a great many in this world who provide advice from the sidelines. TinTin is the type who will walk in, roll up her sleeves and mentor and actively assist a team and make a real difference.

She is an executive who is approachable for advice, is a real team player and provides a 5 star service with excellence and committment. I would happily recommend her.”

Now the above was certainly most relevant from working with TinTin, however in addition like many others who have expressed their own experiences on various levels, I must add from a personal note my gratitude for what became a bond, friendship and unreal experience at times where the events in life have brought connections as sisters together.

Our paths cross on many occasions and our connection is usually by chatting on Facebook which is great for me as we always have that universe connection too and I feel the love in TinTin's words :)

Thank you for friendship, understanding, support, love and above all connection at the most times of need :) xxx. Julie, Asia Pacific

I have been privileged to know Tin-tin for 16 years now both as a friend and as a co-worker

In work Tin stands for
     T erminator of difficult jobs with
     I nspiration/ imagination with 
     N o barriers accepted.

She is the person to go when you have difficult jobs. She will not stop until the solutions are found and executed. And for those who are part of the problem – good bye you will be coached, mentored and if not receptive mowed down & terminated.

As a friend she is
     T rustworthy
     I ntense and
     N on judgmental

You can talk to her and know that it is confidential, non judgmental and always on your side.

I am fortunate and proud to have Tin-tin in my life Now you can to. 
Miguel, Asia

Hey Tintin!

I’ve been very blessed to have worked with you – your gifts are special indeed and when I’ve been stuck, wondering which way to go… what the best course of action is, you help to clear my head and give me some focus. I know you’re a gifted person in many ways, and your generosity and patience are right up there with the ‘special’ gifts you use to show the way forward. That you are now sharing these talents with the world makes you even more amazing.

Good luck with it – and to those who seek to access your prayers and visions, welcome to some real insight! Calli Hunter, Asia Pacific

Tintin is God's gift to our entire family. She is "in tune" with us wherever she is anywhere in this world. There have been so many times that she suddenly calls one of us, asking what is wrong, and we are so shocked that she knows that one of us is undergoing some kind of crisis. It is uncanny but so real. Countless times we have asked her to help us in making a final decision on important matters and she has always been right. It seems that God uses her as a tool to help us stay within the "right path" according to what is good for us in very real terms. Unfortunately, sometimes, we force our will against her advice and those are the times we regret it and Tintin says..."I told you so..." It is such a comfort to have a true, caring and loving friend like her.  Mary Anne, Asia

Tintin …. Well where do start. She is a bastard, she is vicious, she is brutal, and stubborn!! Yes, she is an alien, she is Madam Lash!! On the other hand, Tintin is kind, generous, funny, nutty, perceptive, caring, honest and above all beautiful!  Steve, Asia Pacific

..... you will always be my sweetest, craziest, most bewitching wisp of a girl.....

Memory alone can stretch a testimonial as vividly as though it were yesterday when you came to my home and told me that another "me" was standing watch over my turf in my absence, who has my voice and the curves of my shadow and who beckons all to listen to "her" in my absence, which was very often although in brief intervals.

….. And you shuffled the Tarot cards dexterously, asking me to pick a certain number of them to be laid out in a series for you to read ….. all together like a landscape that is spread out delectably for you to narrate ….. the fortunes and the failures of my life and all the nuances it has taken until itself.

…… A hanged man appears and you look at me straight in the eye and say, "Beware, you are too near the bastille and you tread the corridors of the king even as we exits..."

In a few months I am witness to the departure of a twenty-year old ruler from the palace of his power ….. (full version may be requested through email)  Rita, Asia

Tintin is one of the most kindest and helpful spirits and souls you’ll meet. She is very much in-tuned with the experiences you go through despite sometimes being miles away. She has this year opened my eyes and warned me of various challenges and at the same time opportunities I will encounter and they have all been spot-on. It has been a blessing to be able to be in touch with her.  Lia, Europe

TinTin has helped me and my family in many ways - her gift has allowed me to be more wary of events coming my way which has helped me avoid or deal with the problems/situations. You hear a lot of stories about people who can read into things or see and most of them are hoaxes but TinTin is the real deal - She has actually been so spot on with everything. She generously shares her gift and you will be truly lucky if she helps you in any way.  Ina, Asia

Computers ….. I met Tintin because of computers. She was my client then in 1995. The professional relationship evolved to friendship through the years.

Events in our lives happen for a reason. Tintin, later on, would explain to me that our lives were connected in the past .....

I can vividly recall the first time that my mom was hospitalized due to high blood pressure which led to a stroke. Tintin would extend her healing hands without being physically present. She talked to me over the phone and I repeated every sentence with my arms outstretched over my mom in the hospital bed.

Tintin knows if there’s a need to use her healing hands or not. I called her up during my mom’s second major stroke and Tintin knew that it was beyond her already. My mom passed away peacefully.

Tintin was so “attached” to me that she can feel if I am under tremendous stress. She would call up in the middle of the day and ask me how I am doing. True enough, during those times that she will call, I am harassed and under pressure.

….. In 2000, upon my insistence, I joined Tintin’s team in Sydney. We were a formidable tandem because we complement each other’s strengths. Our work contract ended two and a half years later ….. Even when we were thousand of miles apart, she can sense if I have a problem.

I was in the middle of a conference call requesting bid approval for a telco project and Tintin sent an SMS reprimanding me for being stubborn. Her message to me was to listen more and to just relax. She didn’t know that I was so tensed and so uptight at that time.

Tintin always watches over me and my family. When there’s a need, she will send her “guardian” to our house. Of course I don’t see the guardian but I can feel and sense that it is around …..

In Christmas of 2005, Tintin told me that I won’t be staying long in my job. I told her that I will stay with the company till June and she retorted that it will be earlier than that.

….. My blood pressure went up because of stress at work. I was hospitalized and so many tests were conducted to check the extent of the damage. Fortunately, my tests showed negative results. I was fine on all fronts. I only sent an SMS to Tintin on my second day at the hospital and right away she told me that I wasn’t stable yet. Physically, I felt okay … I felt fine. She was adamant though that I should rest. True enough, the side effects of my threatened stroke manifested only after four to five days after coming out of the hospital. I felt numbness in my right legs and in my right arms. Without seeing me, Tintin recommended deep tissue massage. Apparently, my blood thickens whenever I am stressed out. This causes to block my veins hence the need for a therapy massage.

The situation in the office didn’t improve so I decided that it was time for me to move on ….. it was time for me to join my husband in Adelaide. It was difficult to give up a high-paying job..… it was difficult to give up a position with power but I realized that I should take that leap of faith… If I believe in Him then, I should practice what I believe in … have faith …..

I tendered my resignation three months earlier than my own timetable. Tintin pointed out to me that while I may have my own timeframe, He has HIS own timeframe for all of us. I should be paying more attention to what He wants me to do rather than what I want to do.

While I am writing this piece, it now dawned on me that our journey to Australia was Tintin’s way of shielding me from becoming a nervous wreck. It was Tintin’s way of ensuring that I live longer to see my children grow up and enjoy the stress-free environs of Australia. Indeed, there’s a reason for everything. God sent Tintin as His instrument. God works in mysterious ways… (full version may be requested through email)  
Sonia, Asia-Pacific

Tintin has a gift: she can see and understand beyond the conventional. Perhaps more importantly, her heart is in the right place and she really does want to help. Her well-meaning intentions and her gift have allowed her to help many people, as I have experienced first hand.
Larry, Asia