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Several means and ways to find and accept REALITY .......

As “reality” is NOW, your “reality” is not always pleasant. There are times that you feel ecstatic ….. sometimes you feel disenchanted. There are times that you are so active …. sometimes you just don’t want to move at all.

It is important that you learn to manage how to face “reality” regardless what it is at that moment. I have learned to face NOW through several means which I wish to share with you …..

Crystals facilitate the process of facing “reality”. They are effective healers. They protect you from various elements and situations as well as strengthen positive forces. Crystals absorb and transmit energy. This energy allows you to be physically, emotionally, spiritually and mentally ready for any event.

Have time for silence ….. meditate! Some people think that meditation is very hard. You do not need to be a monk in order to meditate. Meditation starts by allowing your mind to keep quiet ….. do not think of anything ….. blank your mind ….. Keep in mind that you are not your mind. You can control it.

Know yourself! Take time to examine “who you are”. Not your ego but the “real” you. Sit down with a piece of paper and a pen. Write down what you like, what you hate, what makes you happy, what makes you sad, what irritates you, what please you and more. You have to be honest when doing this. No one can see it anyway ….. except you!

Engage with nature …. It works! Walk along the beach ….. feel the sea breeze ….. smell it ….. look at the horizon ….. touch the sand ….. hear the waves ….. realise that you are one with nature! Find a place where you can see lots of trees and plants, birds flying and different animals roaming around. This will enlighten you that you are just a small piece of the entire miracle of life.

Discover the spiritual side of you. Do you believe in the FORCE out there? Whether you call it God, Buddha, Allah or any other name, it is still the FORCE. If you do believe, how strong is your faith in the FORCE?

Know your purpose in life. Why do you exist in this world? Do you think you are living a life worth living for? Do you exist because you need to do something or do you not even know why you exist?

Word to Remember

Try different things. There is no harm in trying. In fact, it allows you to better understand who you are.

There are other ways and means to help you face your “reality”. Look for them …..