You FOUND me .......You NEED me .......
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Do you want to know who I really am .......

I am Tintin. A lot of people say I am not “normal” … I could be an alien … I could be a witch … but the best part is I am a very good friend. 

I am a statistician/mathematician and a project manager who is very logical and analytical in a “normal” world. However, I was blessed with a special gift which was initially very hard for me to accept since I could not explain it logically and analytically to anyone. I always say to my friends that “it is a gift you do not like to have if you have it”. 
I am not a fortune teller … but I do know the choices a person has in a situation together with the corresponding outcomes. When I look at people in general, I see the colour surrounding them and I do feel what they feel at a particular time. I always believe that the eyes are the windows of our soul … true enough, if I look in to someone’s eyes, I get to know a lot of things … who the person is, what the problem is, what is going to happen, how the person feels, what is the intention and more. If I lay down tarot cards, the cards talk to me … I did not try to learn it from a book. It just comes. 

I am not an astrologer or a person who practises numerology … but I do know a person’s characteristics, attitudes and even issues if I have the full name and date of birth.
I am not a doctor or a witch-doctor … but if I pray over someone, I can help heal them. If it is not their time and they are in a difficult situation, I can help to get them back. 

I am not a psychologist or psychiatrist … but I know how to enlighten people through my words which will just come out of my mouth. More often than not, the words flow without even thinking. 

I am not a medium … but the FORCES do talk to me in a very special way. 

Who am I then? I believe I have been sent to this world to help other people. I have helped people I know or were introduced to me because they need something from me. But now, I am being called to help more people even if I do not know them. And at this time, the best way is via the internet. 

You will not find me if you do not need me. But I promise you that … If you FOUND me … You NEED me …